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Volume 7, Number 4, 308-419, October- December (2014)

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RJC, 7(4),308-316, 2014

Keywords: Albizia amara pod shell waste, Activated Carbon, Acid Red 2, Kinetics, Isotherm, Particle diffusion, Film diffusion.

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RJC, 7( 4), 317-319, 2014

Keywords: heterocyclic antiemetic and anti-inflammatory drugs such as ondensetron hydrochloride, granisetron hydrochloride and ketorolac tromethamine, refractive index molar refraction, polarisability constant.

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RJC, 7( 4), 320-324, 2014

Keywords: complexes, mono-nuclear, secondary thioamide, triphenylarsine, anti-microbial activity.

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RJC, 7( 4), 325-332, 2014

Keywords: Ultrasonic velocity-Dipole-dipole interaction, free length, adiabatic compressibility-crotonaldehyde.

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RJC, 7( 4), 340-342, 2014

Keywords: Graphene oxide, Ethanol, Pottassium permanganate, SEM.

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RJC, 7(4), 346-352, 2014

Keywords: Stability constants, Ionic strength, Complexes, Substituted chloro pyrazoles, Metals, Thermodynamic association.

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RJC, 7( 4), 353-358, 2014

Keywords: Crystal growth, X- ray diffraction, optical properties, Second harmonic generation.

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RJC, 7(4), 365-369, 2014

Keywords: kinetics, oxidation, parameters, piperidinium chlorochromate

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RJC, 7(4), 370-374, 2014

Keywords: Synthesis, FTIR, Mass spectrum, 1 H-NMR, biological activity.

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RJC, 7(4), 375-379, 2014

Keywords: Adsorption, Ailanthus Excelsa Bark, Lead and Cobalt removal, Adsorption isotherm.

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RJC, 7(4), 399-409, 2014

Keywords: Potato peel, Neem bark, Chemical treatment, Direct Red-81 dye(DR-81), Adsorption, Breakthrough curve, Elution curve.

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RJC, 7(4), 413-419, 2014

Keywords: Synthesis, polycondensation, resin, structure, degree of polymerization, Characterization.

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