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Volume 4, Number 1, 1-222, January-March (2011)

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RJC, 4(1), 1-7, 2011

Keywords: copolymer, holocellulose, degree of substitution, caboxymethyl cellulose, acrylamide, graft.

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RJC, 4(1), 17-23, 2011

Keywords: Substituted Chalcones, Guanidinium Carbonate, pyrimidines, 2-Amino-4,6- diarylpyrimidines.

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RJC, 4(1), 24-28, 2011

Keywords: Benzothiazole, Schiff-bases, 4-Thiazolidinone, Antibacterial activity.

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RJC, 4(1), 29-35, 2011

Keywords: Maltosyl isocyanate, Aryl amines, Substituted benzothiazoles, Carbamates, Antimicrobial activity.

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RJC, 4(1), 49-55, 2011

Keywords: Sample preparation, FAAS, decomposition, separation, pre-concentration

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RJC, 4(1), 56-65, 2011

Keywords: Chromium, biosorption, Pinus Slyvestris L., Langmuir, pseudo-second order kinetics

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RJC, 4(1), 73-85, 2011

Keywords: bismuth (III) compounds, C-C bond forming name reactions, Bi (OTf)3.xH2O

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RJC, 4(1), 103-109, 2011

Keywords: Polyamines, s-triazine, 5-amino-8-Hydroxyquinoline, polymeric metal Chelates, and magnetic properties, IR spectra, ion-exchange properties, Batch equilibrium method, thermogravimetry.

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RJC, 4(1), 110-112, 2011

Keywords: D.C.Polarography, Iodate, Acetic acid –Sodium acetate buffer, d.m.e, height of the mercury column, kinetic wave, SCE.

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RJC, 4(1), 120-123, 2011

Keywords: D.C.Polarography, Iodate, Acetic acid-Sodium acetate buffer, d.m.e, height of the mercury column, Catalytic wave, SCE, Tungsten(VI), Molybdenum(VI).

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RJC, 4(1), 132-135, 2011

Keywords: Imipramine hydrochloride, Spectrophotometer, alkaloids, molecular complexes, precipitants, pharmaceutical formulations

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RJC, 4(1), 147-152, 2011

Keywords: Water quality, Lake, Pollution, Fish, Heavy metals, health problems.

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RJC, 4(1), 159-164, 2011

Keywords: Protease, Bacillus subtilis NCIM 2724, Vigna mungo (Black gram) husk, Optimization, Response surface methodology (RSM), Box-Behnken design.

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RJC, 4(1), 189-202, 2011

Keywords: Sodium lignosulfonates, diafiltration, physicochemical properties, antioxidant capacity.

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RJC, 4(1), 210-216, 2011

Keywords: p38 MAP kinase; Osteoarthritis; Inflammation; Ligand Fit ; Docking

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